Sunday, April 29, 2012

WeLcome to the New ErA

Hey there, here I come with a new post, this time with some fashion sketches I did for the Inspired Competition 2011, a creative ideas competition which takes place every year in Romania. I obviously participated on the fashion design section, and the 2011 theme for it was traveling as adventure, a combination of an old culture with a new culture or the jouney from an old to a new age. That's how I actually understood the theme, so I chose my work to be inspired by the new age of the internet, and all the things that it brings along, like social media and everything the net can offer these days but I still kept some features from the last century (the 50' and 60's). The dresses in my sketches are inspired by the clothing of the 50's and 60's but come with fantasy-like features of this era,  i.e. internet or social media prints and the phone. Hope you enjoy my ideas and I'll return with a new post soon!

And the ones below are pictures of the boards I made for my inspired project.

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