Thursday, April 19, 2012

Static vs Dynamic

I'd like to show you some of my compositions I made in my second year of college. It's about three groups of compositions, in form of a circle, a square and triangle. Each of them has a static and a dynamic version. This whole theme of compositions in form of geometrical shapes was based on some symbols like divinity - triangle, the universe - circle and earth - square. For each composition we had to use specific colours (watercolours), red for the square, blue for the circle and yellow for the triangle, each of them we were aloud to mix only with black and white. It was kinda hard to think of a static composition in a square, I found it easier to do a static composition in a circle and triangle and  I came to pretty good results after all, my professor liked them :P. Well, hope you'll find them interesting too, I'm hoping for feedback, thanks and have a peachy day!:D

 Square - Static
  Square - Dynamic
  Circle - Static
Circle - Dynamic 

Triangle - Static and Dynamic


  1. These are wonderful. Exercises like this are always so good for creativity, I should sketch more often. These are pretty enough to frame, they would look stunning all hung together on a wall.

  2. Oh thanks again, well they actually hang on a wall in an old school exhibition but not any more :P, maybe I should do that again!