Monday, September 21, 2009

Some accesories and details

...this is one big candybrooch, its the only brooch made of different fabric pieces in my collection.

...this is a close-up of one of the printed dresses and u can also see one of the necklaceses i made of Cernit (modeling paste).

...this are two brooches, the big one on the belt in cakeform and the other one in some cookieform. two pairs of earrings in Haribo candystyle, cakeform, a muffinring and a lolly necklace.

three sweet biscuits form brooches with cake pieces, a cherry brooch, and three pairs of earrings, candystick and cookie form and some other candyform :D.

Most of my candygirl jewerly is made of some special modeling paste called Cernit, similar to Fimo. It helped me a lot in expressing the sweets, because it has very bright and nice colours that make my earrings, necklaceses and so on, seem real.

This is another printed dress - big, tasty, coloured lollies.

....and this is a velvet jacket that comes together with the dress and has two candyform buttons. The buttons i made myself out of the same modeling paste i used for the jewerly .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 12 pieces...

As in the title, my Candygirl Collection has 12 pieces, mostly wide -puffed dresses, every piece is accesorized with belts, jewerly in candyform, some are printed or have very big accesories, other accesories are some boxes (circular or starform or even candyform) and every piece has long striped stockings with it. The tailoring of the dresses is inspired from the 50's wide dresses, like the puddle skirt and the belts that marked the waist of the ladies, a trend that is still on today.
The fabrics i used for this collection are, silk, velvet (for belts and jackets, that i will show in the following post), cotton, tricot, and ''tul'' , the fabric that makes the dresses puffy.
Candygirl is a spring/summer collection and made for young people or people who still feel like to dress like this, in a happy, coloured, a bit childish way (well we have to keep us young somehow right?:P).

...this is one of my 12 following Candygirl pieces. The pin-up girl posters inspired me for this piece, its the one that is a bit different from the other dresses. (the next pink dress SOLD - vanduta)

....the dog in the picture here insisted very much to take a picture with me i had to...but he is not in the collection :P....he seems like a baby kangaroo in that pocket :P 
Pocket Dress  -  SOLD, Grey dress above -  SOLD (vandute)

.....this are the 4 printed pieces of my candygirl collection. The prints i made myself with special fabric colours, it took me some good hours for every print, but was worthed, the result is better than i expected. the big three cup icecream

...another cake dress :D

...the ''thousand'' lays dress, well its actually a skirt and a blouse :D    (SOLD - vanduta)

.....the big,''tasty'' candy :D   SOLD (vanduta)

Photographers: AirmanProduction , Cecilia Soare
Models: Claudia Dan, Adelina Balut, Andreea Martinca and Andra Latcu.
Hair and Make-up: Martinca Andreea

My very first Collection - MY CANDYGIRL

I am proud to finally introduce my collection to the world this way (too) and for those who didnt make it to the fashionshow :P...but its ok, will be other ones too :D. this is one of the posters i made with all of my sketches for the collection, its made in photoshop CS3.

It took me a long time to come with this name for my collection, Candygirl, it was cruel, cause nothing inspired me enough at first, well maybe it will sound silly, but i dreamed of it how it will be. I always liked sweets a lot, icecream most and candy and all that, so i thought this will be it....candystuff would be the best inspiration for me with their great tasty colours. And so Candygirl was born, a collection inspired from sweets. Sweet Candygirls. I guess everyone likes sweets in some way, no matter at what age people are and well one of the points in my collection is that all the colours and candyforms u see should make u wanna taste them.The sweets in this collection are cakes, icecream, lollypops expressed in various forms, like accesories, selfmade prints, bags and so on, i used different techniques that i will describe in some of the next posts. So hope u will enjoy!!! :D