Saturday, October 13, 2012

Night flies and abstraction

I've been a bit absent from my little blog here lately, I know! (that is because yepee I'm using my price I won in Italy, my fashion scholarship, remember I had an old post about it, and yep I needed to get comfy with  things here) But now I'm coming back with new posts. 
Here are some textile works I've done in my first year of fashion MA in Timisoara. It was a free choice of themes. Therefore, the first work represents prints of night flies in an abstract composition, with the main colours grey, yellow and white, painted with special textile paints. The second one is a fabrics collage representing a dynamic abstract composition inspired by poppyflowers, with the main colours magenta, grey and purple. Both works have the sizes 2m x 70cm approximately. Hope you enjoy!

Some details:

Both works were present in exhibitions in Timisoara (mansarda), Lugoj and Deva.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fancy Brides

Hey guys, I'm back to my home country now, Romania that is... had a wonderful time in England this summer, I really miss a very dear person now (my soulmate)...anyway,  I want to show you some more works of mine, this time some fashion sketches which I made in highschool, yep still works from highschool :P. Those two works show my progress in fashion sketching, it was gettin better and better. The theme of this little sketches is bridal dresses in blue and pink., using watercolours combined with chalk pastels. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pink, green and etc.

Hello, hope you had a nice weekend, I had a great one, went on a camping trip to Scotland...soo cool! Anyway, I want to show you some more of my old highschool sketches which were meant for some school competitions, they are pretty big in size 50cm x 70cm and I used a mixed technique - water colours with chalk pastels.You can check them out and tell me what you think, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little black...and white

From the series of old highschool works, here are some black and white sketches I made, one of my first sketches from the early years of highschool. Hope you enjoy my little post!

The first ones are four sketches which present some blouses and tops designs with some funky hats and other accesories.

The second sketch is an attempt of a  greek dress in black and white sketching style was improving here, thats what I was told back then :P.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting purple again...

Remember, I have posted the last months a post called "Into the purple" and another "Winter memories"? Well, the next works I will show you here continue my love for this colour... I had a lot of purple in highschool. Anyway, this next works are two compositions, one was created for a school competition and the other one is the pre drawing project for my embroidery work  which I called earlier "Winter memories". I can't remember the exact dates of when I made this works, it might have been in my tenth of eleventh grade.
Here they are, enjoy!

This is the composition for the school competition, size 50cm x 70cm, watercolours combined with coloured pencils.

Some details: 

The next one is the pre-drawing for the embroidery work Winter memories, size 50cm x 70cm, watercolours combined with coloured pencils.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baroque - part II

Hey there, here I come with the promised part II of my Baroque post, it comes a bit late it is, hope you'll like it. 
As said in the first post the next two works are part of my highschool graduation project (poster and sketches Baroque - part I), which happened in like 2006...loooong ago. I'm talking about a textile work and a costume inspired by the Baroque era. There you go , hope you enjoy!

 This is the textile work, with the size of 70cm x 100cm. It's a combination of embroidery and material applications and as you can see it represents an abstract composition, my vision of Baroque with focus on the colour red, one of the popular colours of the Baroque era.

Next, you can see my interpretation of the Baroque costume, a two piece costume - a corset and short pants with a big bow at the back and a hanging tail. The materials I used were yellow velvet combined with a goldy ribbon type material and white tulle...and yes I tailored and sew it myself, it was a hard job, but it was the first corset and short pants I ever made myself, and I'm proud of them! :P...even if they're not perfect, good for the theatre though:P, maybe. Ohhh, and also I forgot to tell, the costume comes with shoes too, which are painted in the Baroque style. (Sorry, this are the only pictures I could take of the costume back then in 2006....vintage:P)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baroque - part I

Remember I told you I'm going to post some more old fashion sketches of mine, to see how I used to draw when I was younger, respectively in highschool? Well I'm going to show you my works from my highschool graduation project. It consisted of four art works, a poster, six fashion sketches, a textile work and a costume. The ones I'm going to show you now are the first two, the others will be soon to see on my blog. My project was inpired by the Baroque era (appeared around 1600, more about it here ), the sketches present dresses inspired by it but in a more modern interpretation and the poster presents a young lady dressed in a red baroque style dress, with very curly hair, like they used to wear it then, even it was actually curly hair wigs they used to wear a lot in that time. This poster was the piece I worked most on from this project, it was fun though cause I really liked what I was doing and the result was excellent, its's my favourite work, well one of them. The techniques I used for it are watercolours combined with  baroque style patterned paper applications (for the writing and hair decoration) and I used a sprayer for the black areas, that was really a challenging thing, as I never  used the sprayer before in colouring my works back then (the graffiti artists are really pro's with it though). Hope you really enjoy this post and new one is soon to come! :D

Sunday, April 29, 2012

WeLcome to the New ErA

Hey there, here I come with a new post, this time with some fashion sketches I did for the Inspired Competition 2011, a creative ideas competition which takes place every year in Romania. I obviously participated on the fashion design section, and the 2011 theme for it was traveling as adventure, a combination of an old culture with a new culture or the jouney from an old to a new age. That's how I actually understood the theme, so I chose my work to be inspired by the new age of the internet, and all the things that it brings along, like social media and everything the net can offer these days but I still kept some features from the last century (the 50' and 60's). The dresses in my sketches are inspired by the clothing of the 50's and 60's but come with fantasy-like features of this era,  i.e. internet or social media prints and the phone. Hope you enjoy my ideas and I'll return with a new post soon!

And the ones below are pictures of the boards I made for my inspired project.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Colour Explosion...

Here I come with a new post, a drawing  I made in highschool. Its a composition about two complementary worlds getting connected, being very similar in colours. The big world  is represented by circle shapes more than the one complementary to it. The technique I used is watercolours mixed with chalk pastels. And yep there is a bit of a colour explosion in it, as I used many different colour combinations, from silver to blues, reds, purple and yellow. Don't know which colour is your favourite...I just know I enjoyed creating this little art piece of mine! Hope you like it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Static vs Dynamic

I'd like to show you some of my compositions I made in my second year of college. It's about three groups of compositions, in form of a circle, a square and triangle. Each of them has a static and a dynamic version. This whole theme of compositions in form of geometrical shapes was based on some symbols like divinity - triangle, the universe - circle and earth - square. For each composition we had to use specific colours (watercolours), red for the square, blue for the circle and yellow for the triangle, each of them we were aloud to mix only with black and white. It was kinda hard to think of a static composition in a square, I found it easier to do a static composition in a circle and triangle and  I came to pretty good results after all, my professor liked them :P. Well, hope you'll find them interesting too, I'm hoping for feedback, thanks and have a peachy day!:D

 Square - Static
  Square - Dynamic
  Circle - Static
Circle - Dynamic 

Triangle - Static and Dynamic