Wednesday, December 8, 2010


About three years ago we had a bodypainting theme at college. As you may have already noticed, my inspiration  came from the Indian bodypainting style/technique using henna, but  for me, I just used water colours cause its easier to wash off after :P. My friend Andreea  was so nice being my model, but hey, she looks soo good like that, must be another reason why i've got a very good grade for the work maybe:P. Anyway we had a fun time painting her and she me...:P

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The artwork above is a composition I made in highschool that was thought for a competition with the Gustav Klimt theme. It took me some time to finish it, but the result was a pretty one. I really like Klimt's style, with all his elegant gold or coloured decoration, spirals and swirls, that inpired me in my work.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fashion Brunch

On January 24th, 2010, my Candygirl collection was presented at a event in Bucharest, Fashion Brunch, that took place at a very beautiful hotel, called Novotel.

Fashion Brunch is organized and hosted by Laura Cirja (in partnership with Novotel), a young woman that is trying to help young designers to get a bit more known through this wonderful event. She was so nice to invite me participate on Fashion Brunch too, im really thankfull for that!!! I had a really good time there and my collection was very appreciated.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Candygirl in No name Club (Timisoara)

Hello again, here is a new post about my Candygirl Collection. This are a few pictures from the second show  that took place somewhere in the autumn of 2009 in Timisoara, No Name Club... same collection, other location, same sensation :P. Enjoy, again:P!

Models: Select Models

Make up and hair: Anita Ardelean and me:P 

Pictures: Ana Cerniciuc

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The first Show - Back/On stage from July 12th 2009


Hello, hello...:P its been long since the last post, but here is a new one..... This are some of the pictures from the first Candygirl fashionshow from last summer, July 12th 2009 held at the Filarmonica Banatul ( Sala Capitol) in Timisoara. It was a great show, with a lot of applause and shiny faces...i felt great as well as my models and the audience.
The next pictures are backstage pictures from the show...where the girls and all who helped making this event a great one were very nervous but they did a great job :D. 

Models: Claudia, Laura, Corina, Maria, Alexandra, Roxana, Raluca, Roxana, Alina, Ida, Alina, Adelina Balut.
Make-up: Andreea Martinca
Hair: Noemi Bajko
and my brother:P

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Me and Art Boutique...

U'll find me there between the 30th of April and 2nd of May - Sibiu - with my precious, little Candygirl collection!!!
Targ - Art Boutique - Sibiu - intre 30 Aprilie si 2 Mai, ma gasiti acolo!!!:D
Va astept!