Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baroque - part I

Remember I told you I'm going to post some more old fashion sketches of mine, to see how I used to draw when I was younger, respectively in highschool? Well I'm going to show you my works from my highschool graduation project. It consisted of four art works, a poster, six fashion sketches, a textile work and a costume. The ones I'm going to show you now are the first two, the others will be soon to see on my blog. My project was inpired by the Baroque era (appeared around 1600, more about it here ), the sketches present dresses inspired by it but in a more modern interpretation and the poster presents a young lady dressed in a red baroque style dress, with very curly hair, like they used to wear it then, even it was actually curly hair wigs they used to wear a lot in that time. This poster was the piece I worked most on from this project, it was fun though cause I really liked what I was doing and the result was excellent, its's my favourite work, well one of them. The techniques I used for it are watercolours combined with  baroque style patterned paper applications (for the writing and hair decoration) and I used a sprayer for the black areas, that was really a challenging thing, as I never  used the sprayer before in colouring my works back then (the graffiti artists are really pro's with it though). Hope you really enjoy this post and new one is soon to come! :D


  1. Really baroque illustrations :-)

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