Sunday, March 25, 2012

Into the purple...

The following post is another "purple" work of mine made in my highschool years, a textile work, embroidered with material applications. It doesn't really have a name, but its similar to my "Winter" work, I posted earlier. I kinda used the same colours and materials, but with a few differences. I really like those colours. Anyway hope you will like this one too if you liked the one before, enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Remembering a school exhibition...

Beginning of May 2011, during the last semester of my Art MA, we had a little exhibition in the Unirii Square, Timisoara. I never understood what our exact theme supposed to be, so I guess everyone that participated created something of their own, something that would really relate to their creative style. I did the same, I made a circle composition combined with stripes, disposed on three pieces of material (banners). The colours I have used are green, gold and white, which I combined in a way to balance my work. The exhibition was opened for a few days, I think it was in a weekend. Anyway, its good I took the pictures right after we finished setting up the exhibition, because the next days were rainy days, I didnt even go to check after if my works were still alive :P. Well, hope you enjoy!

And other works from the exhibition...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winter memories

 Im back with a new post. I know winter is already gone, I'm happy for that, no offence for those who love it, but I prefer the warmth....I 'm glad spring is here. Anyway, my next work I am going to show you  is called "Winter" :P...its winter in a pink and purple way, that was the idea of it  when I made it in highschool. 
Its a composition of stilized houses and tree branches in winter. The technique I used is embroidery and small material applications. Hope you enjoy, its one of my favourite works I made! :D

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hey, hey, as I started posting some of my textile works from highschool, here is another one, but this time with a total different theme and work style. This work is called "Butterfly", obviously, and its made out of different kind of materials, cut in  butterfly shapes or just parts of a butterfly. All the little details you can see in the work are the different kind of materials sticked together, with the help of a special glue, and the red parts of the butterflies are also embroidered with white trade to show even more details of those beautiful creatures. The butterflies are connected to each other through some blue trees applied also with  glue and blue lines sewn on the white work base. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buttons in the desert

Hi, I've been thinking to post some of my textile works, mostly the ones I made in highschool. So, the one you will see now was born in  2003 I think and had the theme of the desert and the sun, something like that.The sun is represented by the different coloured buttons, which appear at the bottom of the work aswell, for harmonizing the work, they could also represent shadows of the sand hills. I didn't really know how this work would be like when I started it, because even my teacher was unsure about my idea, but when finalizing it, something interesting came out, she appreciated it. The buttons and the stuffed material (that represents the sand hills) made a pretty good work. Hope you find it interesting too!!