Friday, August 17, 2012

Baroque - part II

Hey there, here I come with the promised part II of my Baroque post, it comes a bit late it is, hope you'll like it. 
As said in the first post the next two works are part of my highschool graduation project (poster and sketches Baroque - part I), which happened in like 2006...loooong ago. I'm talking about a textile work and a costume inspired by the Baroque era. There you go , hope you enjoy!

 This is the textile work, with the size of 70cm x 100cm. It's a combination of embroidery and material applications and as you can see it represents an abstract composition, my vision of Baroque with focus on the colour red, one of the popular colours of the Baroque era.

Next, you can see my interpretation of the Baroque costume, a two piece costume - a corset and short pants with a big bow at the back and a hanging tail. The materials I used were yellow velvet combined with a goldy ribbon type material and white tulle...and yes I tailored and sew it myself, it was a hard job, but it was the first corset and short pants I ever made myself, and I'm proud of them! :P...even if they're not perfect, good for the theatre though:P, maybe. Ohhh, and also I forgot to tell, the costume comes with shoes too, which are painted in the Baroque style. (Sorry, this are the only pictures I could take of the costume back then in 2006....vintage:P)

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