Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Candydream Collection

Hello, hello, im finally presenting my Candydream pieces as I said sometime ago, sorry it took kinda long to come up with this post, but here it is, my MA graduation project.  
The Candydream Collection.
This collection is made up of five different pieces, its a mini collection, but with alot of character :P. It follows along the lines of my  Candygirl Collection, but with its own distinct character. Its still full of joyfull colours, but this time the main features of my collection  are toys and curious faces that I have found from within my own imagination. They are actually stuffed toys, in different shapes and sizes, that I made myself, it was really fun. 
The dresses are mostly skin tight mini dresses, inspired  by the pin-up style, but not only, I also have a special jumper to show. The toys and curious faces come either as layers sewn on the dresses or just in 3D form.
The whole idea of this collection was to give a little bit more of my imagination and what comes into my mind, it might be a bit crazy but yep i really like it coloured and joyful, at the same time the dresses can always seem provocative because they are minidresses. Its a collection for young people, teens or whom ever has the guts to wear this clothes at different events maybe...Anyway, enjoy the pictures and tell me what you think if you like!!!

...the discoball dress (on the shoulder) and her toy friends.

The pink dotted rabbits dress.

The golden - blue dress.

 And this my ladies and gents is the cutey special jumper i was talking about, with a pink overall underneath it and followed by a little toy friend.

And this one here is the fith and last piece of my mini Candydream Collection.
The pink lady dress with a special jacket and a special bag.
Photographer: Cecilia Soare
Model: Andra Latcu
Hair and Make-up: Andra Latcu

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