Sunday, February 5, 2012

Candydream Fashion Shows

Hey there, im going to show you some of the pictures from the fashion shows of my collection, that took place on the 29th of June 2011. The first show was in the morning, started around 10 am, and took place in my faculty (Facultatea de Arte si Design - Galeria Mansarda - Timisoara) and the second show was later on in a club from Timisoara called Le Cinema. Hope you enjoy this post!!

Pictures from the first fashion show, Galeria Mansarda.

 Models: Alexandra Osan, Maria Burnete, Amalia Termure, Amalia Ilin, Alisa Carpen
 Make-up and hair: me and Bajko Noemi
 Photographer: me and my brother

Pictures from the second show at Le Cinema Club in Timisoara

  Models: Alexandra Osan, Amalia Termure, Amalia Ilin
  Make-up and hair: Bajko Noemi and Maria Burnete
  Photographer: Ovidiu Dumitra

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