Sunday, September 20, 2009

My very first Collection - MY CANDYGIRL

I am proud to finally introduce my collection to the world this way (too) and for those who didnt make it to the fashionshow :P...but its ok, will be other ones too :D. this is one of the posters i made with all of my sketches for the collection, its made in photoshop CS3.

It took me a long time to come with this name for my collection, Candygirl, it was cruel, cause nothing inspired me enough at first, well maybe it will sound silly, but i dreamed of it how it will be. I always liked sweets a lot, icecream most and candy and all that, so i thought this will be it....candystuff would be the best inspiration for me with their great tasty colours. And so Candygirl was born, a collection inspired from sweets. Sweet Candygirls. I guess everyone likes sweets in some way, no matter at what age people are and well one of the points in my collection is that all the colours and candyforms u see should make u wanna taste them.The sweets in this collection are cakes, icecream, lollypops expressed in various forms, like accesories, selfmade prints, bags and so on, i used different techniques that i will describe in some of the next posts. So hope u will enjoy!!! :D


  1. Wo-hoo! Your first post...I gotta say, I don't like pink, but sweets and ice-cream are yummy! And so was your collection. So keep up the good work!

  2. hei.....f dragutza colectia :)))